Friday, October 14, 2011

90s Are All That

I am without a doubt happy about what teen nick did to our universe. They brought the 90's back. All of the shows we used to watch as a kid are back on TV. It was the best thing teen nick could've ever done because their ratings went sky high once they did that. I wonder why lol. This is all people in my generation have been talking about because it is so sad what TV has come down to these days. Nickelodeon is corny except for spongebob, the fairly oddparents and Jimmy Neutron. Reality shows are popular even though they are fake. Even game shows has died out. What has this world come to. The 90's were an era happiness and excitement. They hold so much memories because the shows seemed more realer and very dynamic. Now these days everything is scripted an so phony. For the 1st few weeks it starts off with all that, kenan & kel, clarissa explains it all, and doug afterwards they show the best of nickelodeon. It feels good to know that I don't have to go on youtube to find the better shows because now they are back on TV. It is all over people's facebooks about this same topic because people kept getting in contact with these stations how it was better to leave the 90's on TV. The funny part is it starts at midnight and ends at 4 AM. It's a decent time frame for me because I'm a night person. Luckily I will be talking about this topic on my radio show to really go in depth and discuss this a lot further because this is such a relief and a blessing for people who grow up in the 90's including myself.

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