Monday, October 17, 2011

Who Plays Better Mind Games? Men of Women

I really don't know who plays it better, but a lot of guys say women do and a lot of women say men do which therefore nobody knows. I will say that some women feel that they are better at the game than men even though men can easily get any girl by saying a few words. Most men will "play to lay" meaning he'll talk you into sleeping with him. They then become spontaneous with it they will play the same game with a different girl which causes riots between the girls. Sometimes you don't even realize a guy is playing games on you because he is that good at it. He can manipulate you into doing anything by telling you everything that you want to hear. Some other games a guy will play is to see if he can get a girl good enough for the moment. It sounds very cold, but it happens often. On the women side they will do the waiting game. This means that she will make the guy wait knowing that she wants nothing to do with him in the first place. She will have him thinking that she is a good guy waiting for the right guy when she really doesn't want to hurt his feelings, instead she just leaves him horny. Another trick she will do is leave delayed text messages. Guys don't really like to be ignored that much so he does he feels some type of way. Once the girl knows that she tries to manipulate him into whatever she wants him to do. The one game that both women and men play is the make up to break up game. They will pick fights with each other and then have make up sex or turn to someone else for sex which is a bit silly. In the end both genders play mind games at some point.

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