Sunday, October 16, 2011

Young People Are Obsessed With Love

Becoming a teenager is a big deal because you are going through so many changes in your life that takes a lot out of you. Your hormones are going crazy and therefore you think you know how to handle yourself just because you're growing up. Sometimes your hormones can be the devil because it makes your mind do crazy things. For girls they fall in love very easily because we are very emotional. Boys just want to have fun with everything they do including girls. So when it comes to relationships 9/10 the girls tends to love the guy more than she loves herself. That causes a lot of unhealthy issues that puts the girl under so much stress. She goes through so many self-esteem issues because it's always all about impressioning the guy or making someone jealous instead of making themselves look good for their own self. That's very important to do that because you have to maintain a reputation to keep you out of trouble and high school is known for cliches and different categories of people. Some teens are just addicted to being in relationships or falling in love and then they fall in love too quickly because your hormones gives you all these sexual feelings and you can't seem to control them so therefore so run into situations that you can't easily get out of because your emotions are too strong to just leave the relationship. Another issue is the fact that a lot people mainly women are so scared of being alone. It's like a phobia to be by yourself and they need that sense of attachment to feel complete as a person. That's very scary to go through that because you have to make yourself happy before anyone else could because not everybody will give that happiness often. You never know when you are going to leave that person so your only backup is you so when you have this hate for being alone you tend to get depressed from being lonely.

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