Friday, October 28, 2011

Hair Care

Hair is something that is very important to a girl in some type of way. She may love it short and wish to keep it that way because it is easier to deal with and can do simple styles with it. She loves it long because it makes us feel that, that is where all of our beauty is held. You can do many different styles with long hair and taking care of it is a lot of work. The texture of it is also a big deal. Straight-hair girls would love to have curly hair and curly-hair girls would love it straight sometimes. Either way our hair is that is the main thing we talk about or deal with on a daily basis when it comes to grooming and pampering ourselves. Everyone's hair is different epecially of different races. Caucasion women seem to have the best type of hair because it comes in many different colors and textures whereas African-American women seem to have coarse, thick hair tha is difficult to grow, but there are actually many ways for all hair types to grow and stay healthy we just never knew what exactly is the secret because we just assume certain products are for certain types of hair, but in reality all hair types have the same components. There are a lot of ingriedients that you would never think are for your that are usually for another specific purpose. The main thing to remember though is the fact that whatever you use it has to be purely NATURAL! That is the key word. Natural. Even if it is a regular product that has natural ingriedients in it, it is still processed and chemicalized so make sure whatever you get is all natural. At the same time, there are also websites that say to use household products for your hair one being birth control. Not necessarily consuming them, but crushing the pills and mixing them with olive oil then use them as a conditioner. Isn't that weird! With that being said it is important to condition on your scalp for amount 3 minutes because the blood should circulate that causes scalpal stimulation for growth as well. As always you should use a silk wrap for your hair at night time or a silk pillowcase so that way your ends are healthy and to prevent damaged hair. This is a typical routine for black women because of the texture of our hair, but it has also been said that white women should wrap their hair as well to keep it healthy. Castor oil is also an important essential element for your hair because it contains amino acids and nutrients that is the one thing that your hair craves for. Always have your hair hydrated as well. It's like when it doubt, hydrate your hair. Hydration is important for damaged, oily, dry, all types of hair. Since your hair is also made out of protein you need to condition it with more protein and the best kind of protein to use is raw eggs. What you do is mix the eggs with olive oil and castor oil as well as coconut juice and once you put it in your hair where a shower cap so those ingriedients can penatrate into the hair shaft. I've tried and I'm actually pleased. The weirdest thing that I've heard to use on your hair is beer. Again not necessarily consuming it, but using it as a conditioner. This is because of the yeast in the contents that is good for the hair shaft as well, but another drink to use is kool-aid. Not sure why I've heard it works really, but as good as it is to drink I don't know if it's as good as a conditioner, but it's probably worth a try. Also of course mayonnaise is good for your hair because of the amount of protein that it contains as well. Most women use it once a month or even use it for co-washing. At the same time even though going natural is the best option, whatever benefits your hair is your choice especially if it has kept your hair healthy all this time.

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