Sunday, October 23, 2011

Virgin Controversy

Being a virgin is a such a beautiful thing, but I think people forgot about that. In this day in age, people look at virginity like it's a disease to get rid of. It's such an issue that when people state their opinion about it, it tends to sound hypocritical. People like virgins because they are clean, fresh, never been touched you know physically they're ok, but the problems is the skills and the emotions behind it. They are afraid of the attachment and hurting the person's feelings when getting involved with them. Another problem is the inexperience of the person. It's a weird thing because at one point you were inexperienced to become experienced so it's almost hard to negotiate with someone that's been where you are going because you don't know the outcome afterwards especially if you are a female. At the same it is something you will never forget because that person was your first. Whether it was worth it or not is up to you. I do feel that a person should give their virginity to someone that is worthy of keeping it because you can't get it back.

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