Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Issues With Adult Films

The sex industry is very controversial because of the fact that it is a business. Some people feel like it is giving the wrong impression of sexuality which in certain ways it is. The industries job is to create a fantasy for your pleasure and it is up to you to make the reality you want it to be. Other people tend to get disappointed when something didn't turn out the way they wanted, but that's because maybe they didn't get a sense of the imagination they wanted. Adult film stars rarely tell the dark side of the sex industry anyway because they have to make money from the movies they make to keep the viewers interested. Reporters have interviewed different film stars to explain their experience in the business and of course it's pretty graphic. They explained how easily people carry diseases to each other without even knowing they do so, also how damaging your body gets when doing long running scenes with different co-stars, and how racist it can be in the industry. These interviews were very explicit to the point where it almost wasn't going to be exposed on tv. I went to a convention at my school about this issue and the speaker, Gail Dines, summed up the dark side perfectly. She is the author of the book "Pornland, How Porn Has Hijacked Sexuality" very interesting book that any can be able to read and give their opion off of it. She explained how women are categorized either by their sexual skills, race, positions, orientations, etc more than men. The dangers are very severe to the point where it can't be changed. As far as the consumer aspect of it most people feel like watching pornography is considered cheating when you are in a relationship. Some people feel it's cheating as far as frequency and others just feel like watching it in general is cheating. Again, adult films are just fantasy visuals and it is up to you what you take from it. You could only cheat from how you act on it to other people and not your significant other. Some people take their imagination to another level and it tends to create problems within each other. If I said it before I'll say it again. COMMUNICATE! I can't put it in any other way.

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