Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bow Wow And Tyra Kiss

Y'all already know I'm talking about these two in the clip.

       I didn't actually watch the show to see what happened, but I heard about it on Power 105.1 and everyone is making a big deal out of it. Tyra Banks appearance on 106 & Park yesterday and of course Bow Wow reunited with her and caught up with what she has been up to. Banks still has her show, "America's Next Top Model" and tomorrow will be the premiere of the new season with men this time. This will definitely be interesting.
       I don't understand what exactly is the big hype. If people remembered or at least watched Tyra's talk when she had it, Bow Wow was a guest on it where they shared a kiss there so all they did reenact what they did years ago. From looking at pictures it does look a lot more intimate but hey it's TV, people expect things to be spiced up.

If you don't remember the clip of their kiss from Tyra Show here it is below:

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