Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Halle Berry Taking A Stand For Hollywood Justice

It's time for the paparazzi to chill out on the photo stalking.

      Newly married actress, Halle Berry, is trying the best she can to make some changes within the legislation system to stop press from harassing people especially if they have children. Chaos with the paparazzi started with Princess Diana's car accidents when her driver was trying to swerve away from the cameras. Since then, the press hasn't stopped stalking to save their lives, literally. Berry is in the process of testifying her hearings to limit this issue because it really has been getting out of control.
       The paparazzi will do what ever they can to get even the tiniest of a picture just to make money. Even though documents say, "Freedom of the press," Berry wants her "Freedom of speech" right to be heard once and for all to cut down on the harassment, "I’m doing my part as a parent but at any moment I feel like a crash could happen and end her life my life and other innocent passengers driving in their vehicles," said Berry. I agree that there needs to be limits on the paparazzi because celebrities are humans, too that are trying to live their lives like everyone else.

Here's a clip of one of her hearings from not too long ago:

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