Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy Belated Birthday Mario

Yesterday the proud singer celebrated his 27th birthday like a boss.

         R&B singer, Mario Barrett, who is just known as Mario, was born in Baltimore, MD. He realized he had a strong passion for music when he started singing at the age of four. His mother would get him karaoke kits for him to sing as a hobby. Growing up he lived with about 16 people so he wanted to seek out on his own to reach his dreams. Then at the age of 14 he was signed to Clive Davis' J Record's where he made his self-titled album in 2002.
         On that album featured his chart-topping hit single "Just A Friend 2002" featuring Biz Markie who was the originator that sang that song. Along with that single came "Braid My Hair." His 2nd album, "Turning Point" came out in 2004 that featured the songs, "Let Me Love You," Here I Go Again," How Could You," and and Boom" featuring Juvenile.
          His 3rd album, "Go," was released in 2007 and it featured "How Do I Breathe," Crying Out For Me," "Music For Love," and "Do Right." His 4th album, D.N.A. was released in 2009 and it featured "Break Up," "Ooh Baby," and "Thinkin Bout You." Now the singer is currently working on his latest album, "Evolve," which features his current single "Somebody Else," featuring Nicki Minaj. Check out that video on youtube. His next single will be "Fatal Distraction" featuring J. Cole.
          He recently took to Hot 97 talking about his album and his mother's battle with drug addiction that she wrote about in her new book. He then went on to explain about practicing celibacy for almost a year, "It works, it strengthens your spirit. When you start to really understand the physical experience that we have as spiritual individuals you understand that the spirit is way stronger than the physical," said Mario, "If you feed the physical more that's going to dominate."

Check out the clips below of Mario on Hot 97:

Happy Belated Birthday Mario! Sorry I was a little late lol.

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