Saturday, August 3, 2013

Real Talk: Guilt Trips

Like I said before I was going to be posting various clips from the daytime talk show "The Real" because they discuss very good topics.

          From Thursday's episode they discussed guilt trips. This is sometimes a trick that women used to either get something they want from their man or an indirect way of letting him know that he made her mad. What some women will do is bring up a situation that happened a long time ago and throw it in an argument so their man will feel guilty about it and see her point. This is not always a good idea because it doesn't always have to do with the problem or the situation itself could be a misunderstanding, but some people are just plain stubborn.
         This could work for men too but women seem to blow fuses more. Sometimes a women will use guilt trips because she feels that it is her only defense especially when it comes to situations she can't control. For example if her man is complaining about a headache that he has had all day and felt that his girl didn't take care of him quick enough, she can easily bring up the fact that she has to deal with a monthly cycle until she is 50 which comes with massive cramping, just to put him in his place. However the guy feels after that is on him, but watch the clip above to see how the ladies used their guilt trips.

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