Friday, July 26, 2013

How Cute Was This!

Jay-z know he loves him some Bey!

        Last night at Beyonce's "Mrs Carter Tour," Jay-z was nice enough to decide to surprise Beyonce during her performance. She was in Philly when she in the middle of her song, "Halo" when Jay-z shows up to give her a kiss on stage. He actually took time out of his "Legends Of The Summer," that he is doing with Justin Timberlake just to show love to his lovely wife, how sweet!
        I mean Jay-z is quite a man. He seems so invested within his family to make them happy. It's nice to see couple care about each other that much to keep throwing surprises at each other especially when the work into the type of industry they are involved in. IT goes to show you that love does exist and we just have to be patient and let things happen naturally. That one person you are compatible with will come into your life.

The video above is a little bit hard to see but enjoy it while you can!

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