Sunday, July 14, 2013

Is This Really What It Comes Down To?....

Obviously everyone, or at least most of you heard the news last night about this trial and how this outcome effects the nation.

       It is so devastating that the justice system is set up the way it is. I can't believe the results. George Zimmerman was actually proven not guilty for killing and should I type again killing an unarmed teenage boy, pretty much for no reason. I usually don't talk about topics on here that deals with race, but it looks like I have to with this one. It's a shame that young kids of color can't even walk down the street whether it's in broad daylight or not and feel like everything is ok or they can easily walk back home. There were so many proofs that Trayvon Martin was harmless, but yet had to be killed.

       I swear, this world has no peace what so ever. We are not living back in the 1950s and even then these kinds of incidents shouldn't be happening to begin with. I don't understand why someone like him have to get away with murdering an innocent teen. Could someone answer me that question. I mean there is no way he can really live in peace because at some point it will definitely catch up to him. Most people think that he got off because of his father being a judge himself so therefore he has connection and sadly it worked.

We can not give up on this boy because his justice must be served. There is no way we have to put this to the side and move on just because the trial is over. Trayvon deserves more peace!

Here's youtube guru Angry Grandpa's reaction to the case:

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