Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Up On Game

As if exploitation couldn't get anymore descriptive.

      Urban website just released details about a new book called, "Up On Game." Just like video vixen, Karrine Stephens', two books, "Confessions Of A Video Vixen," and "The Vixen Chronicles," this new book reveals the details of groupies and their experience with many ballers. Not only do some of the women explain what they did with certain athletes but also explains what a sex life is like for a type groupie. They go into graphic details about location, description of athlete, and even their skills! I know so many women are going rack up in Barnes & Nobles for this book.

       As of what I've read. It's completely anonymous for both groupies and athletes. I'm not sure if the focus was only on athletes, but ballers were the only ones that were mentioned. It's funny because I did a post on male groupies and now females groupies are adding on to what Karrine Stephen's did in which I'm pretty sure will have the same details because she also was pretty graphic in her novel. You can read some excerpts on the website with this url:

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