Thursday, July 11, 2013

Jenner-West Dispute

Looks like there are some more madness in the Jenner House because baby Nori seems to become too famous.

        Earlier, Power 105.1 reported that Kanye West had a fit when proud momager, Kris Jenner, wanted to post some pics of his brand new daughter on the Today Show. Being that this incident happened, there is tension between the two. The problem was according to RadarOnline, Jenner promised Today Show Anchor, Matt Lauer, that she would bring in a pic of her granddaughter and when Kanye found that out he was so upset. West already didn't want the media smothering his daughter for shots of her so when he was notified of Jenner's actions he felt disrespected.
        I don't know what to make of this because I understand why Kanye is upset, but being that he is a big time and now has a child with a huge socialite it is expected that pictures are going to swirling around people are going to sneak some snapshots of his baby. At the same time, Jenner is known for what people might is being a overbearing parent because she is both a manager and a mother. People would definitely expect her to pull a trick like that if it was even a trick. She is also expected to reveal a pic of her new grand baby on her show so I wouldn't be too hype but people should know eventually there will be pictures in the future for everyone to see just like Blue Ivy.

Do you think Kanye was overreacting? Do you think Kris was showing pictures behind Kanye's back?

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