Monday, July 22, 2013

Unnecessary Chaos

As you all know the media tends to always blow things out of proportion whether the situation is true or not, but for one thing Chris Brown and Drake don't have to worry about much either.

        Power 105.1 as well as both reported that both stars don't have to deal with any lawsuit against them for their alleged brawl at the Greenhouse nightclub in NYC last year. The press kept saying the fight was over Rihanna just because Drake showed up when Brown was already there. Both stars' entourages got involved and that's when sparks flew. The two stars were later escorted out of the club when a customer notified about a bottle being tossed in the air leading people to believe that it was either Drake or Brown.
        This afternoon it was reported that the lawsuit was going to be $16 million but both stars do not have  to pay for it so good for them. Drake even defended Chris Brown by saying that the situation was not his problem especially with being that it was the entourage that caused the misinterpretation. This goes to show how much the media twist around an entertainer's reputation and making situations bigger than what it is. Who knows what really happened that night even if it was caught on tape because at one point someone was going to sell it. Luckily this can be put to rest.

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