Saturday, July 13, 2013

No More Love Letters

If you are an active reader on my blog or just took a peek or two at it, you'll noticed that I have written multiple post about social media and different ways to communicate due to technology, but the the topic of technology might have you thinking, "When's the last time you wrote a letter!?"

         Now I'm not necessarily talking about just love letters, but also letters in general. It really has been a while. I'm surprise there are still mailboxes, lol, but it goes to show how much things have changed with how we reach out to people. Everything is done online or through your phone which can go into the category of being online because phones are pretty much portable computers themselves. It makes me wonder if like we had a day where everyone in the world can just write one letter to whoever they want, would they still like it, or do they find it boring, or would they reject because they feel like it's a waste of time? I can't remember the last time I wrote one, but it is a bit easier to just e-mail.
         Especially with so many sources of social networking, letters are just pretty much no point. Even as a kid, it was considered really cute to just pass notes saying "Will you go out with me?" or leaving a note by someone's locker expressing your crush on them. but now people barely leave notes. Either just look them up or text them. Even when you are talking to someone in person they'll say "Just text me" or "Just e-mail" and you could be sitting there like I'm standing right in front of you, which brings on anther note: "Is it more effective to just text someone?
          I've mentioned before that a lot of people don't like face-to-face communication and that they would rather not speak or just talk through Internet or phone. Some people might see this as a punk move that they just too afraid of someone's reaction or facial expression, but others could feel like that's just the way they are and technology was just an easier way to deal with their communications. However you see it there is really no answer to is technology is really the blame for less face-to-face communication especially if you are in a long-term relationship. The amount of consumption is can sometimes even overshadow the most talkative person in the world.

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