Saturday, July 20, 2013

What Was I Thinking

Regrets are something people experience when things just slam down on rock bottom, but sometimes don't at it that way and instead see it has a reason.

            Some people feel regretful when they have built up so much shame or didn't have any forgiveness to solve the problem. Others feel like there is no such thing as regrets because of the fact that they go by the saying, "Everything happens for a reason" which is true in most cases but does everything really happen for a reason? It really depends on the person, the situation, and how they view life. Some people can realize what they did or what someone else did and move on others feel embarrassed and would actually have done things a lot differently.

             It is ok to feel regretful because that could mean that you really cared about the situation and want to fix it just so everybody can move on and forget about what happened. It is ok to feel any regret because you know everyone, including yourself makes mistakes and that's how we learn so therefore what is there to regret when if it didn't happened you would've not known what to do in the future. This kind of also goes back to my post about forgiveness because of the idea of how can a situation go before you can move on with ease. Regret is the same concept because how painful does something have to be in order for it to be true regret? You'll know when the situation hits you.

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