Monday, July 22, 2013

New Baby On Board!

You already know who I am talking about, the Duchess and Duke of England welcomes a brand new addition to the kingdom.

        Prince William and Katherine "Kate" Middleton welcome a bouncing, healthy baby boy. The world was patiently waiting for the royal child to arrive when it was announced this morning that Kate went into labor. Then at around 4:24 pm in London times she gave birth. Two placed an easel with a document sitting on it to announce the birth outside of the palace where Kate was admitted. The new son is set to be third in line to become king within the family, "I couldn't be happier," said Prince William.
         No names or pictures have been revealed yet but I'm sure that will be leaked pretty soon as well it's just great to know he's healthy. He weighed in at eight pounds and six ounces. The Royal Household explained to NY Daily News about the amount of mayhem outside of the palace when learning of the birth. So many cameras and people were waiting for first looks at the new royal baby. The news was suppose to start off with the document on the easel but realized it wasn't needed.

Congrats to Prince William and Kate Middleton!

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