Monday, July 8, 2013

Is There Such Thing As Too Much Comfort?

Sometimes you get to that point in your life where you guys just say whatever and just handle your business in front of each other.

         There are certain things people feel like there should be some do's and don'ts that some couples might consider. One thing that starts the comfort levels in farting. Usually it's more of an embarrass when the girl does it more so than the guy because some females think it's not ladylike. First off, it doesn't really have anything to do with etiquette because everyone does it and if your partner doesn't understand that then they don't need to be with you. So a person might ask when is it ok to fart in front of each other?
          This can be taken many ways. Some couples find that farting can playful because it might sound funny to them or they are just being silly and use it as a method of foreplay. Other couples might find farting in front of each other to weird and nasty so it's best to be discrete. Other couples also find that farting can show that you trust the person enough to just let it out since you can't hold them in forever and if your partner's right there then you don't care that it might have an odor or not.
          Now going to the bathroom in front of each other maybe a little bit different because you can see what's coming out and some couples actually talk to each other as they are using the bathroom. There are many couples that have no problem with this comfort level at all because think about it. You live together and no each other very well, most likely the two of you work in the morning so you both have to get ready at the same time, you both need to use the bathroom so why not just let it all out. Some couples see this as a bonding tactic because you are at your most vulnerable state of privacy that you are sharing with one another with also shows a sign of trust to your partner so it's not like they are witnessing anything new. Other couples might be like h*** no. One doesn't want to walk in and smell the other's insides even if they have to get something really quick. It could be too much see or too much to smell.
         Now majority of guys often deal with their girl having no make-up on before they go to bed. Some people see this as crossing a comfortability level because of the fact that she finally revealed herself. Some guys take it as weird because that means it has to wake up next to a different face and the fact he now looks at her differently because it wasn't what he fell in love with. I think girls be able to take off their make up in front of them because it's already not healthy for us to leave it on when we go to sleep, but to some guys especially when you guys are in the mood it might need to stay on.

There so many other things that might question a comfort level with a couple. Comfortablility always depends on the couples because it ties into your vulnerability. People should know there is no right or wrong time to let yourself go to your partner. As long as there's respect, compromise, and trust.

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