Friday, May 17, 2013

Do You Know Your Identity?

Every season or every year there is always a new trend that comes out that people want to consider representing.

       Trends usually fall into the categories of body image, fashion, and social communication or swag. Some people feel like certain trends are too negative or just plain silly. Others feel it's cool or suits their personality. Whatever trend it is it always seems to capture a certain audience's attention. At the same time is society making anything a trend?

       Body Image Trends:
              -The Barbie Complex

                   b= One image that is some people feel is blowing society's mind is the Barbie image. Of course Nikki Minaj is known for portraying a live doll and even though she has a lot of fans and other artist liking her music, society may feel that her image is over the top. The thing that people have to remember is the idea that she is a celebrity so therefore she has to maintain a certain image to market herself. It's the same thing with Beyonce and her blond hair. She is a spokesperson for Loreal so she has to keep it a certain blonde color to sell the product.
                   c= Some people might feel the Barbie look is affecting how little girls view themselves. Playing with Barbies is cute and fun for girls to do, but once puberty hits and start growing into your own person girls tend to be extremely self-conscious about their appearance especially when Barbies always seem to have the same type of body shape and hair style when manufactures come out with a new one.
        -Stick Models

             b= Everyone wants to loose weight the media does tend to be extremely manipulative in this area. The media talks a lot about desiring a slimmer looking women and how skinny is sexy, but there are limits. When a women starts looking anorexic it shouldn't be looked at as skinny, but scary. Some people spend way too much time focusing on looks instead of the health of their body and health is what makes you look good.
             c= When people see a particular body size in the media especially women, it might make a person think that, that is also what men are suppose to like or already desire. In reality it all depends on what the person themselves desire. Some men like full figured women which is a good thing because most full figured women are healthy. Of course there are healthy skinny women, but this world consist of all different body types. Variety is important to notice, but the media is too controlling to acknowledge it.
       -Face Tattoos

            b= In the tattoo department one thing that stood out especially amongst the youths are face tattoos. Yes, tattoos are a way to express yourself sometimes, but usually is marked below your neck. Society feels that face tattoos are getting carried away and unnecessary to have. Some people even feel that it is unnattractive especially when it covers your entire face.
            c= Stars like Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne are known for expressing themselves through their tattoos especially on their face. Once people noticed that they were doing that it began to puzzle some poeple. Other's feel that it is something unique and different especially since people get their neck or behind their ears tattooed. Whether one thinks it's a silly trend or a great trend just remember that a person can do whatever they want to their body as long as they are not harming themselves. At the same time one has to think about going for an interview if they have a face tattoo.
       -Skinny Jeans On Dudes

         b= Of course people like the skinny jean look on women, but what about men? Once certain artists and musicans started wearing them most guys felt that it either looked gay or crazy. Back in the day fashion was always and still is about wearing baggy clothes or saggin your pants if you were a guy, but now it seems ok to wear something very tight.
         c= The only problem with wearing skinny jeans is that studies have shown that it can cause harm to your legs. It has been said that the fit of jeans can cut off circulation through your legs and may even clot arteries. I don't know how true this is, but it can make sense in a way and that goes for men and women.
  Emotions/Personality Trends
    -Insecurity Issues

         b= Insecurity is definitely a major issue amongst teens and young adults. It's what makes or breaks a person's spirit when figuring out who they are. Media and society is the core root of the problem because people can't help, but to go by what they see and hear about that catches the most attention.
          c= Insecutity usually revolves around our bodies and material items. If someone of the group doesn't have the latest gadget or hair style or newest car then they are irrelevant. It takes aways the concept of appreciation and focuses too much on judgement. Women especially get the most insecure because of our emotions and the fact that females are the main people pleasers. Men's insecurities usually has to do with their egos. Egos shape the confidence level in both men and women, but especially men because of the concept of hypermasculinity and dominance.
      -Social Validation

           b= Everyone wants to be validated in some type of way, but it's the type of validation that can get misunderstood. If there is something going on that is popular and one person decides to be an outcast then they are isolated from the situation.
           c= The misinterpretation of validation comes from what is considered negative and positive validation. Sometimes the negative validation because so consumed that it is turned into positive validation. For example, a man that is considered whipped in his relationship can be a bad thing to his friends, but a good thing to other women because he is doing things to please his women that other men might feel makes him look submissive and weak. Another example is a female living a promiscuous lifestyle. She might feel like she is getting positive validation because all of the men is giving her attention, but she is getting more negative validation not only from those men, but other women.

    No matter what kind of trend comes out it is important to know yourself and what you like. If there is a trend that is considered negative, but you find it to be positive then so be it. The key word in considered which means it's not right or just opinionate.

    What do you feel like are trends that are considered getting carried away? What could be done? Who is to blame?

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