Thursday, May 2, 2013


          One of my favorite singers has teamed up with a rap legend to create a book that is letting out all the secrets that men wouldn't want women to know! I'm talking about Tyrese and Rev. Run who are best friends and mentor/mentee. The two started to bond more once they created the book explaining different perspectives on certain men. I have to the book myself and I must say it is deep!
         The book was first released on Feb. 5 right before Valentine's Day. Tyrese and Rev. Run have been to different schools and news stations giving people the scoop on what exactly could be floating inside your man's head. It is very different from Steve Harvey's, "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man," because he only gave the basics whereas Tyrese and Rev. Run to it there and went into detail on everything from sex to communication and even Tyrese's sex life.

        "We have a problem with what you don't know," -Tyrese
         "Love should not be Legs Open Very Easy," -Rev. Run

         So far the book has been a success being on the New York Times best seller list and even other celebrities have been responding to the book in a postive way such as Ven Diesel and Sanaa Lathan. I read the book three times and these men really did a great job with it. There were certain things I knew and things I didn't really think about until I saw it in great detail. Tyrese spoke more in the book than Rev. Run mostly because he had a lot to say from a single guy's point of view. Rev. Run of course is speaking from a married man's point of view.
        The whole idea of the book started with a phone call. They were arguing back and forth about cheating and off course they couldn't agree on the different aspects of it. The conversation lasted for about four hours and that's when Rev. Run said we should do a called "I Bed To Differ." They decided to change the name because one thing they did agree on was that women should know what to expect for getting their heartbroken. Rev. Run states that the book is a manual so women won't be manipulated. Listen to some of the interviews that these two best friends been on to get more of an idea on their perspectives.

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