Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

First let me start off by saying Happy Mother's Day to every single mother out there in the world!

     Since today is a special day I figure I mention a topic that sparked conversations within some of my class which deals with the definition of mother. This topic really focused on gay parents more so than straight parents. Some people might wonder "should a lesbian couple that adopted children celebrate Mother's Day?" "Should male couples that are parents celebrate Mother's Day?" This topic could easily be a debate.

     Gay couples already frustrated with society not accepting them for who they are, being a parent is just as controversial. It's so sad that society is so ignorant and can't see past sexuality. Many people feel that when you actually give birth to a life, you are automatically a parent, but think about it: does that mean that sarrogant mothers should automatically celebrate Mother's Day? Some people feel that even if you don't have any biological kids, but you have adoptive kids you can still be considered a parent. Others feel that if a women is a mom-to-be she can celebrate Mother's Day.

     Of course there is no right or wrong way to celebrate Mother's Day. There are people that are parents to their own siblings and their siblings even call them mom or dad because they have raised them the majority of their lives. There are grandmothers that are mothers to their grandkids because the parents were too young or couldn't financial take care of them. I also feel that gay couples have every right in the world to raise kids and celebrate Mother's Day even if it's two men as the parents. Mother's Day is pretty a celebration of women that have either sacrificed or made a difference in someone's life that they love.

In honor of Mother's Day it's only right to put a song here, this is Boyz II Men's hit song, "A Song For Mama," on the soundtrack to the movie, "Soul Food." The other video below it is a cover to the song sang by a youtube R&B gtoup, AHMIR that they did a fews years ago for Mother's Day.

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