Sunday, May 19, 2013


Everybody has expectations about a lot of things in life. Whether it is relationships, a job, your family, friendships, etc. Most of the time it can turn out unrealistically.

        Sometimes we don't realize how unreasonable we are being with our expectations until someone spots it out. Most of it comes from past experiences with certain situations. Other times it is based off of either a rejection or a motivaton. Experience creates a lot of the patterns we go through in our lives. With friendships we have expectations on how to go about respecting one another space or actions and the limits on being there for one another. Being there for each other is usually the biggest issue because it's one of those things where you would questioned how loyal are you willing to be. Would you die for your best friend? If they were dying would you give them one of your organs? Would you even fight for them?

       When it comes to expectations with your career sometimes getting discouraged causes a lot of hardship and stress in your life that affects a person's expectations. Yes, getting rejected should be a motivation to work harder, but everyone is different and it takes time to realize yor own journey and making sure your expectations are getting more realistic. For example, if a person graduates and receives their Master's Degree then they expect to get a job instantly either from a fortune 500 company or an agency, etc. but things doesn't always work the way we it to go.

      Relationships are very tricky because it is important to have standards and know what you want in order to be compatible with the right person, but our expectations can easily be unreasonable. Everybody wants what they want in anything, but with people most people are extremely picky or shallow. Others will just settle for anything either because it is convenient, they are attractive, or the person provides some sort of stability. Some people will blame the media for our expectations others will blame the people in their life whether it's family or friends, some might even blame themselves. Experience creates the patterns of our expectations because people tend to allow their past or someone else's past to determine the outcome of the relationship instead of communicating and working things our and trying something new.

      Family has a lot of expectations. Family is usually the harbor or harvest of your life because those are the people that have known you the most and the best of your entire life, but sometimes they can be the main people that hinder your expectations. Sometimes they expect you to do everything for them or the most unrealistics actions for them and don't give you anything in return just because you are family. Some families use the term family as an excuse to either manipulate or use you instead of supporting each other as a unit. It's so easy to give in because no one will love you more than your family, but sometimes it is ok to be selfish.

What has been some of your experience with expectations? Do you feel like your expectations are unrealistic?

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