Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Going through a heartbreak is one of the most painful things one could go through especially if they don't have anyone to turn to.
      Rebounds are someting people use to cure or heal their wounds from a break up. It's a way to get over the situation. You want to have a little fun and what better way to do it than to do it with someone else both literally and figuratively sometimes. At the same time you are pretty much using someone to get over your feelings in hopes that you don't see that person again. It might start off as a one-night-stand and then you might get start to feel that person or get to know them in other ways. One might also see this as taking advantage of your single life. You could've probably dumped the person and now you are finding someone to prove the ex that you are doing better than them. Of course people get too caught and don't always benefit from rebounds.
      People don't usually look for anyone specific to rebound with because they are just a distraction to your past situation. Prolonging a rebound relationship varies from person to person depending on the emotional state that they are in. Most of the time they end because you don't want anything too serious because you already have so much baggage. Sometimes people make their rebound temporary because they start to realized that the situation is doing anything to them especially emotionally. They might be friends with the rebounder or just completely cut them off so they can get themselves together. It takes time to get over a relationship especially when you have invested years into it, but it's important to know your worth as a person. It's ok to have rebounds and long as the other person is ok with it to, the only problem though is the other person could get attached. When that happens it's best to just talk it out explain what your intensions were and come to a common ground so that both can be satisfied. Understanding helps a lot.

What do you think of rebounds? Are they ok to have?

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