Friday, May 10, 2013

Sex Education In Public Shools

Sex education is very important amongst the youth. Being ashamed of teaching kids about their bodies and how relationships work as humans is more embarrassing than actually talking about the topic.

      The educational system has so much controversy when it comes to what to teach about the body at a certain age. People debate all the time about the right time to tell youngs kids certain things such as "what age do you tell a child the medical terms of the private parts?" " when do you tell little girls what a period is?" or "explaining where babies really come from." What's more important is that these questions should be answered at some point of a child's life.

     Before school, parents should be the first and main sex educators. There should always be ongoing talks about sexuality throughout a person's entire life. When a parent doesn't keep a healthy relationship to where they can talk to their kids about anything the child will then get their information from the wrong sources. Not talking to your child about sexuality at all is also not good and leaves the child knowing anything about how their bodies work and how to have healthy sex lives in the future. A study found that the #1 source of sex information and education is from the internet and porn. If more parents could talk to their kids about sex, kids would have a better understanding of their environment and future relationships.

     I took a course called Reproductive Rights and one of my classmates blogged about the sex education in public schools in New Jersey. I think everyone should check out her tumblr comment any information about your views on sex education as well making comments on my posts on this page. All comments or suggestions are welcomed.

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