Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Notorious B.I.G.

Today marks biggie smalls 41st birthday as he's resting peacefully with god.

     Whether you called him big poppa, Notorious BIG, or just biggie, he made a big impact in hip-hop before and after his death. He first got his name when he was 10 years old because of his size and was also teased about his lazy eye. Once he became 12 he started to get involved with drug dealing. When he grew into his teens the drug dealing caught up with him by having multiple arrests. At the same time he impressed the streets with his creative lyrics and quick deliveries in his freestyles.
     He then took his talents into his own hands by making a demo tape that was later given to then Puff Daddy to hear. He then signed biggie to be apart of Uptown Records, but then puffy got fired. Once that happened he signed to his imprinted, Bad Boys Records where biggie followed along to be labeled on.
     In 1994 biggie released his first album, "Ready To Die," which became platinum four times. That same year he married Faith Evans within knowing each for about two weeks. In 1995 he joined Junior MAFIA and released their album, "Conspiracy." The album feature their hit singles, "Get Money," and "Player's Anthem," in which he produced with long time friend, Lil Cease, and Lil Kim. That same year is when he had a friendship with Tupac that later turned in a battle of the coasts.
     The rivalry got ugly when both rappers made references in their songs about each other's situations. Tupac made a song called "Hit Em Up," where he mentioned having relations with Faith Evans who was estrange to biggie at the time. Biggie made references about Faith Evans being with Tupac on Jay-Z's song, "Brooklyn's Finest." Then in 1996 was when it broke out on the news that biggie's friend had got shot and killed in Vegas.
     A year after Tupac's death, biggie released what is now his last album, "Life After Death." March 9, 1997 marked the day that is still a mystery to the world. Biggie was shot in a car at the traffic light by someone that was reported to be a rival against the east coast. Sixteen years later biggie has one of the most legendary rappers in history next to Tupac.
      The 2009 biopic, "Notorious," demonstrated how biggie's career was mapped out. So many critics claimed that the movie didn't portray most of the things he did when he was alive, but people can only go by what his friends explain in interviews as well as what his mother explains about her son. There are also a lot of articles where they talk about Lil Kim's disappointment with the film, but producers of the movie did the best they could based on biggie's life in the media.

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