Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What's Going On Down There?

The video above is a skit done by dormtainment tv about being worried about STD's.

       As you can imagine the guy in it realized something bumpy going on with his manhood wasn't sure if it was a disease or just hair bumps. Even though there's a lot of humor in this video it has a serious and good message to it. Everyone should know by now that safe sex is important within your sex life. Protection is a must especially when you are involved with a new partner. However, the only protection that is completely 100% safe is abstinence. That means no anal, vaginal, or oral sex. Abstinence is the best way to not have any diseases or getting pregnant. I understand that this term can be very unrealistic in this society that we live in, but it is still important to enforce it especially if you are choosing or are thinking about being celibate.

      Within your sex life whether it is monogamous, polygamous, performing group sex/orgies, etc. always get tested and use birth control. Getting tested is the first thing you do because your health is more important than anything to keep track of. At the same time you have to be aware of others especially if you want to have kids in the future. STDs does a great deal on infertility even if you have something curable. The longer you hold out on getting tested the worse the disease can be without you even knowing.

      It is also important to know your body and I'm not talking about just masturbation, but knowing what birth control works for your body. For ladies, if you know you are the type that can't remember to take even medicine, obviously BC pills are not for you. Therefore you have a variety of options such diaphrams, female condoms, IUDs, etc. If you are the type that don't want any hormones injected in your body then the shot is definitely not for your. There are IUDs that are non-hormonal which are IUC's such as paragard. With this one you don't have to have kids, you don't have to take anything for it and it's non-hormonal. The only problem with them is you have to make sure the device is in right from the doctor, they are not to be put in yourself. Diaphrams, sponges, and spermicides are great to use if you want to want to just put something in and just go to work. For most girls it'll feel weird to just stick their hand up their vagina, but at least you are being safe. Of course there are so many other BC options such as the ring and the patch, but I would go on forever most of it is the same process as the other BC I just mentioned.

       For guys, when using condoms, know your sizes. Yes every dude wants to be a decently large size, but it's more important to know the health of your penis and not the length. There are goes out there that can appreciate average sizes. Once you are with a partner, make sure to always check the expiration date as well as the air bubbles within the rapper. You pretty much know the rest since I don't want to get too explicit, but of course always use a new condom if you have sex again.

      Communication is extremely important. If you can't talk to your partner about your body or how your sex life is going to go, then you shouldn't be having sex with each other. Both people should talk about gettting testing before having sex just to make sure everything is ok. Even if one or both of you have something at least you are aware of it and can now take precautions from there. If one or both of you see something weird down there, talk about it and go to the doctor together. Try to schedule an appointment so the both of you can go because you never know who is being sneaky and just say they went and never did. Make sure to also talk about what type of BC you are both using because a girl can easily say she's taking the pill, but refuse or she could poke holes in condoms. Or a guy could say he's allergic to condoms so therefore he doesn't need. No No! There are non-latex condoms out so use them if he is.  
    Another important note: Infections can occur on genitals even if you are not sexually active. For ladies it is important to use the right soap because the PH balance can easily get thrown. Of course, never douche. The vaginal is a self-cleaning body part so douching is unnecessary. Pubic hair protects the vagina from infections so when shaving, trim your hairs and shave as much as you can off from there because when it's bald you are more prone to bacteria. If you prefer it bald just make sure you keep your vagina clean with the right soap. Wear the right panties. They say that panites can throw off PH balance because of the material it's best to wear panties that have like a transparent material so your genitals can breathe and not to wear thongs or g-strings for too long. For guys, just make sure you keep yourself clean and do a self-check on your testicles to make sure there are no bumps there. If you have bumps most of the time they are hair bumps. Even though they hurt they are actually healthy. If you see bumps that looked cut open then that's when you can consider getting tested.

Remember safe sex is the best sex, better use a latex.

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