Friday, May 3, 2013

R.I.P. Chris Kelly

As you have you all have probably heard by now, Chris "Mac Daddy" Kelly of the 1990s rap group, Kris Kross, has died Wednesday.

     Known for wearing his clothes backwards with his buddy Chris Daddy Mac Smith, the Atlanta-native dynamic duo took the music industry by being known as the cute little boys that can rap. They first got their start when they were discovered by then 18 year-old, Jermanine Dupri, in the mall. Once getting signed to Ruffhouse Records, Jermaine Dupri produced the first album "Totally Krossed Out" which sold millions in the U.S.

    The album featured the hit song, "Jump," which topped the charts back in 1992. The boys then made an appearace in Michael Jackson's video Jam which also featured Michael Jordan. In 1993 they released their second album, "Da Bomb." It featured the hit song, "Alright," and the album went certified platinum. In 1994, they became favorites of Nickelodeon when they were asked to do a rap song for the Rugrats theme song as well as doing compilaton albums.

    Kris Kross made a comeback in 1996 when they released their third studio album, "Young, Rich, & Dangerous," which made gold. The album featured the songs, "Tonight's Tha Night," and "Live and Die For Hip Hop." The boys split afterwards but reunited for the So So Def's 20th Anniversary earlier this year where it was Kelly's last appearance.

    On May 1 the rapper was found unresponsive in his Atlanta home. One would suspect it was from his battle with cancer, but reports say that he overdosed on heroin and cocaine the night before his death. Kelly was only 34.
                                                    Chris Kelly's Last Performance

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