Monday, June 3, 2013

A Man Battling Weight Gain Set To Marry A Recovering Bulimic

It's funny how love works. You just never know who you are going to be attracted to!
         Former bulimic victim, Lizzie Elsburg, is about to marry the love of her life, Chris Glasgow, who is considered morbidly obese. The two met at an eating disorder clinic in California and then fell in love months later. The couple seems to have something in common as far as food. Their connection made it easy for them to support one another being that they both had their own personal problems with eating and their body image. Lizzie feels that she can relate saying, "I was able to see past his body issues because I have body issues too," said Elsburg.
         At first the couple was skeptical about each other because they had complete opposite eating issues and Elsburg admitting to even be a little intimate by Glasgow. She came into the clinic at 89 pounds and Glasgow arrived at 489 pounds. Once they started talking about their struggles and journies with their body issues they developed feelings and continued on with a romantic relationship. According to Radar Online, the couple got engaged in February and are planning to walk down the aisle next summer.
          Chris had battle issue with self-esteem because of his size so he found out Elsburg liked him, he was in total shock saying, "I didn't think any girl would ever find me attractive, let alone one as beautiful as Lizzie," said Glasgow. Elsburg enter the clinic being forced to eat more portions and more calories than she used to which was under 100, whereas Glasgow consumed more than he was suppose to before entering the clinic so then it became a motivation and an inspiration to the two of them to live healthier lifestyles together. Now Glasgow lost 70 pounds and Elsburg gained 37 pounds in which Glasgow feels made him love her more saying, "I went to an eating disorder clinic to lose weight and came out with the love of my life," said Glasgow.
          The couple now lives near each other in Virginia and still working on both of their weights. This story is so beautiful because it shows how hopeful it is to find love. People everyday, especially women always talk about how hard it is to find love, but maybe it doesn't have to be. It seems like the best love is found in the strangest places and shows up when you least expect it. It is very true that God has things already planned for you and a person made just for you to find, we just have to keep praying and stay hopeful because sometimes looking to hard hinders the hope to the point where you feel like you will never find it.

Good luck to Chris and Lizzie!

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