Sunday, June 16, 2013

Meagan Good And Devon Franklin Celebrate 1 Year Anniversary

Even though Devon Franklin is not a dad he still has a reason to celebrate.
       Meagan Good and Devon Franklin celebrated their one year wedding anniversary today! The couple first met when Good was filming "Jumping The Broom," in which Franklin was producing. Good explained on Wendy Williams show that she had a conversation with co-star, Tasha Smith, about her interest for Franklin. Both being very devoted Christians fate couldn't have done a better job with meeting each other. Before officially dating, Good had made a vow to stay celibate until she was married. She says she reads the bible everyday and at one point wanted ask God to find the man of her dreams. Franklin, who is also a minister, was that answer, "God told me about nine months before we were dating that this was my husband," said Good.
        The couple first started dating in 2011 and then a year afterwards, Franklin proposed in April of 2012. They spoke with about all of the wedding details. Good said she wanted to wear her dress dipped into purple color because that was her favorite color and she said it stood for royalty. The couple got married in Malibu, CA. They have been on numerous interviews explaining how celibacy made their intimacy and connection so much stronger. Franklin was also celibate when he met Good and says that he abstained for 10 years. What a man! It was a decision he made in college to better himself. When he talked to about marrying Good he also said it was God's will, "This is what God made for me and when he gives you the person that's made for you, it fits and there's peace," said Franklin. How beautiful is this love story.
Happy Anniversary to these two and congrats!


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