Monday, June 3, 2013

Michael Douglas Throat Cancer Confession

Actor Michael Douglas revealing that he has throat cancer due to oral sex!
          The 68-year-old actor was first diagnosed about three years. People thought the cause was from drinking and smoking for a long time, but he explained that it's really from the HPV virus. As we know HPV is the disease that can cause cerivical cancer in women as well as causing people's skin to be made like a tree. Douglas said that the HPV developed in his throat cancer because he performed oral sex. Before getting checked he had complaints about his mouth and throat saying there were a lot of discomfort. At first doctors didn't realize he had a tumor until he got a second opinion. That's when they told him it was stage four cancer.
           Douglas went on to a specific liquid diet that caused him to lose 45 pounds as well as doing eight weeks of chemotherapy. He said the treatment made him very stressed out sayiing "That's a rough ride that can really take it out of you," said Douglas. During the time of his diagnoses other people thought his throat had irritation because of his addiction to tobacco. He later explained that he had issues with alcohol resulting with him going to rehab. Douglas' story really can be an eye-opener to the importance of safe sex.
           So many stories and studies are showing the increasing numbers of throat cancers due to oral sex. The problem with this issue most people don't think oral sex is sex which is ridiculous. The word sex is in the term. The act still involves your genitals getting massaged so it is still sex. Oral sex is more a more convenient act which is one of the reasons why most people perform more often plus they know they can't get pregnant from it. Even though you won't get pregnant you can still get a disease. Dentals are provided for people use to perform safe oral sex, but of course nobody really uses them nor do you ever hear people buy. So many people don't even know what a dental dam is which makes it seem so irrelant. It's mainly used on the female just like flavored condoms are used on the guys for performing on them.

Remember that anybody of any age can get a STD or cancer if you don't used protection.

Stay Safe Everyone!

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