Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rapper Fabolous Talks Marriage

Fabolous has been in the game for a long time and marriage was never always in the agenda when it came down to what he wanted in his personal life.
        As most of you know, the 35-year-old rapper from Brooklyn has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Emily B and have a 5-year-old son together. When he sat down with VLAD TV, he was explaining his relationship and where he wants to go with it. You can tell he his cool with fatherhood, but says, "Having a 5-year-old is a handful." As far as marriage he pretty much talked about his views on it in general and how society treats it. He feels that people don't respect it the way they should which is why it don't always work. It's an everyday process that takes time to get right. He also says that he might consider if the timing was ok.
         I understand where he's coming from because the divorce rate is so much higher now than back in the day. I've always wonder what changed the dynamics on relationships whether it's because of technology or family households. It also seems like people don't want to get married anymore like they used to, then there are others that don't believe in marriage or even monogamy. Marriage is a complicated thing but so is just being in a relationship with someone for a few months. Being that it takes hard work, society in general tends to get lazy in it and that's when the nip picking builds and then people break. So then we ask ourselves what will it take to stay together? Most people would say, "Two people that are willing to work it out," "others might say having a child," some might even say, "taking a break from each other." There's really no right or wrong way, as long as both people are happy in the outcome.

Check out VLAD TV's interview with Fabolous above.

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