Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Album-The Gifted

Rapper Wale just released his new album today called, "The Gifted."

       The 16-track CD includes the single, "Bad," featuring Tiara Thomas that has been hitting the airwaves for a while. Other artists on the album includes Wiz Khalifa, Nikki Minaj, Sam Dew, Meek Mill and the list keeps increasing. It is said to be all hip-hop with a touch of R&B. Sounds like a tasteful album with that genre combination lol. Wale started having ideas for this album in late 2012 explaining to MTV, "I just wanna show range," said Wale, "I proved a lot to my peers and to myself and to my fans so I just wanna take it back to something a little more exciting."

        He has one song in particular that was inspired by the late, great, Michael Jackson, especially with honoring his anniversary and the song is called, "Tired Of Dreaming." I haven't heard the song but I can imagine what it could be about. In the past most of songs talked about heartbreak and getting over relationships and this album is taking more of a different approach with handling your business. Not necessarily about work but finding you as a person and also seeing who Wale is as an artist. This album is in stores right now as well as itunes.

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