Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Having Self-Inviting Friends

Everyone has some circle of mutual friends but do you have that one friend that feels like they should invite themselves everywhere you go?
         I'm sure everyone gets lonely from time to time, but sometimes we have to respect people's space. Everyday we meet new people sometimes by accident, coincidence, or on purpose. When meeting people you start off as acquaintances when in the process of getting to know each other. If you both realize that you have some of the same friends you then go "Wow," because you know the same people, but can someone get to carried away with knowing those people.
         So let's say you and a group of friends go somewhere whether it is a restaurant, a sporting event, a concert, whatever and that one person just shows up out of nowhere like, "Hey guys whose getting the popcorn," or "He y'all left without me!" and y'all are sitting there like, "Uh?" At first you might not think nothing of it because they are your friend, too. After awhile they pop up out of nowhere almost like they are stalking either because they feel left out or they need to be the center of attention or of the group, now you guys are starting to feel some type of way. So then it's like should they always be included because you feel bad or are they doing too much because they are not going to always be around for every event. Even if you circle of friends consist of like seven people, you are not going to be around all seven all the time. You might have one-on-one with someone, but that one person just shows up everywhere.
          What most people would do is to put a stop to it at the beginning. Even though this is a friend or just a mutual friend there are still boundaries. If you want to invite them to something then you should especially if they invited you somewhere. If they are an unexpected visitor then make sure you build an understanding so that way they don't get their feelings hurt. Sometimes you dont' always want to be with your friends.

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