Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Album-Talk A Good Game

I know I'm a little late but I didn't realize her release date was the same as Kanye's but anyway...
          Kelly Rowland also released her album on Tuesday called, "Take A Good Game." It features the singles, "Kisses Down Low," and "Dirty Laundry." Rowland, whose real name is Kellendria, has really been a great success since becoming solo. She did her thing when she was a part of Destiny's Child, and even though Beyonce is more talked about, Kelly can feel just as special being a great singer. She already showed us her sexy side in previous videos so there is no doubt that she can entertain an audience and be quite of eye candy for the fellas.
          Of course we have all seen that video when she showed her emotional side when she performed "Dirty Laundry" at one of her shows but she came out strong with this album. The 15 track CD is suppose to represent her vulnerability as an artist and as a person. Admitting to have been in abusive relationships and dealing with the emotional baggage that comes along with it, even the most sexiest people have a past. This album really made her step out of her comfort zone. I can just imagine what the "Dirty Laundry" video is going to look like.

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