Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Stigma With Female Self-Stimulation

We all that knowing our bodies is important especially if we plan on being intimate with somebody but why is ok for men to explore their parts and not women?

            A lot of people don't realize that there really is a stigma with female masturbation. It sounds so silly because it's not that big of a deal but not a lot of women talk about it, even amongst each other. If anything women should talk about it more because our bodies are so complex. For men it's so simple and straight forward. It doesn't take much to please them, but for women the female anatomy is a mystery. For some reason society is very quick to judge women when it comes to sexuality. It's strange because we are born sexual so why would there be a stigma. It goes to back to what I say all the time about expectations and what it means to be a female and a male especially with the idea of double standards.
            If you were to get a group of people and ask them how people actually touch themselves, you would probably get all of the guys to raise their hand with pride. A few of the girls would raise their hands and the others would cringe in their seats or admit that they don't do it. Socially it is expected for guys to masturbate because of the whole biologically driven to always want sex so therefore they have to release themselves all the time. It is expected for girls to be these wholesome, goody two shoes, lady like women than have to hold off sex. This is silly because again, she is a sexual being, so she has the same rights as the guy. I've heard of girls saying that they are tired of being called a freak just because she is getting in touch with herself when she's bored or when she eats a Popsicle or something. It comes down to the question, "What does it mean to be a lady?"

           It shouldn't matter if a girl masturbates or not or if she's a lady if she doesn't do it. It's nobody's business and it's a natural part of life. How is she going to have a fulfilling love life if she doesn't know how her body works. A guy has to know how his body works too in order to have a love life. So many women are ashamed to admit that they touched themselves and even other women sometimes make smart comments to each other about what they do when they are alone. It could also be because the female organs are internal so that means she has to explore inside herself for pleasure and to talk about amongst each other is weird.

The video below is a girl talking about her opinion with a stigma. Enjoy!

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