Thursday, June 6, 2013

Look What This Hypnotist Did!

This dude just performed what every guy can only wish he do to a girl so easily.
         Professional hypnotist, Mr. P, has been a master street hypnotist for years. In the clip above he was able to make this girl orgasm for eight minutes. The video tripped me out because he put her to sleep and her physical reactions were so funny. She was so squirming and shouted everything that was on her mind. Every time he touched her, she would get an orgasm to the point where she just could not sit still. He kept saying in her ear, "You are getting very horny," and she would shake uncontrollably.
         I can just imagined what the guys in the audience were thinking because it looked like she was doing the most, but she was really under a trans. There would be no way I would perform such an act especially in front of everyone. I truly wondered how the girl felt after she woke and realized what happened. I wonder if she was embarrassed or didn't take it seriously and just laughed at the whole thing especially since she is now on video. It's interesting how the mind works because it is possible to have an orgasm with having actual intercourse so getting it through hypnotism must be a breeze. Hopefully she didn't feel too embarrassed and realized it was just an act as far as it being hypnotism.

Would you let an hypnotist give you an orgasm?

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