Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Paris Jackson Suicide Attempt Update

Last week word got out that Paris Jackson attempted to kill herself well now reports found out how she did it.
            Paris Jackson, 15, have been taking 20 Motrin pills and used a kitchen knife to cut her arm. Reports say this is due to the constant bullying she gets from her private school as well as cyberbullying because she is the daughter of Michael Jackson. Publicist close to the family say this is a way of her crying for help when she did the attempt. With the bullying and the media on top of her and her family she feels so much pressure to be who she is because of the title she has. She is the only girl amongst the most famous entertainers ever.
           The bullying rate is ridiculous. It have gotten out of control especially with technology increasing so fast. The cyberbullying is really affecting teens and younger kids to death literally. It is to the point where your ever moved is watched and judged upon. According to TMZ, they had gotten a hold of the 911 call before Jackson was rushed to the hospital. Even though she is ok, her family is still putting under a watch to make sure she is mentally stable to move on.
The bullying trend is ridiculous and is effecting more teens and young children more than anybody else. Stay safe and take care of yourself.

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