Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wale's New Remix For "Bad"

Wale dropped his new single which is the remix for his latest hit, "Bad."
         The song originally featured songwriter, Tiara Thomas, and now it features Rihanna. There has been things said about this remix every since Rihanna sang on it. Some people are saying it's doing the most, others are saying it adds a twist to it and some are saying Rihanna said more than expected. Either way it's still a good song.
          In the song itself Wale mentions how good girls act and what bad girls want and Rihanna explains what she wants in her man. I'm sure there were people saying that mentioned qualities about Chris Brown, but who knows. All we know is that she was talking about what she wanted in her man. The song was written by Tiara Thomas herself after being signed to Interscope Records. Most people prefer her version more so than Rihanna's and it's probably because she wrote and the fact that she has a good voice.

What do you think? Do you like the remix or do you prefer the original?

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