Thursday, June 6, 2013

Male Groupies

We all know about groupies and prevalent it is for stars to have them, but what about male groupies?
           There are so many female stars in the world, but you rarely hear about them having groupies. Usually when a guy has a bunch of groupies it is usually because he has a lot of money which means he also has a lot of confidence which is what the women get attracted to the most. Women flock to these men no matter how they look because the money made him look so much more powerful. Groupies will sleep with these stars either for bragging rights, a baby, or to manipulate them. Most of them make a name for themselves as well.
           With male groupies it's from a very different perspective. Sometimes when it's the other way around then the guy might be considered a sexual harassment whether it is a very popular regular girl or a female entertainer just because he is a guy, but there are male groupies it's just that he is just considered somebody thirsty. On most occasions if a girl is extremely attractive it won't take much to get a guy's attention because she is already physically beautiful. Therefore a guy will be on a mission to get what he wants from her. The guy builds so much lust for her just because she's beautiful. Talent is usually not a concern when he is after sex, yes it is a plus, but the main focus is the sex so therefore he is only focused on the visual and then act on visually.
           This shows a big different between male and female groupies. Both people are after the sex but the reason is slightly different. For women groupies the man don't have to attractive, he just has to have money and swag. For male groupies, the girl has to look good especially if he wants his boys to see who he's messing with. Although looks and talent help in the process, it's not always needed if you are after one thing. The dynamic of groupies have been very significant for years that have enhanced stars in their behaviors as well as their imagery.

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