Friday, June 14, 2013

Anthony Of Hamilton Park Sings The Word

Hamilton Park member, Anthony, knows how to serenade the ladies with passion!
       Anthony has made a few youtube videos showing talented he really is whether it's outside of his group or within the group. This Atlanta native and the rest of HP have shared many times how much God is part of their lives and that his spirit is such an influence to their music (which is a turn on!). Anyways, he always seems to be very expressive in his songs to the point you get chills and it really makes you believe in him.
       In a recent youtube video, he made a video singing, "We Must Praise," and let me just tell you, it was BEAUTIFUL! I hope him and his boys last because they are too talent and too cute to stop, but even if they did stop, I will continue to support them forever. He sung the heck out of that song. Ladies if you haven't heard it is recommended that you do. Any girl that dates him will have the best lullabies to bed. Check out the footage at this URL:

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