Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Mayhem Expectations



You finally found the person you are going to be spending the rest of your life with, it's getting close to the wedding but first you have to party! but how should it be done?
          That is the trickiest thing when you plan for a bachelor/bachelorette party because the other person always gets worried especially the women. That night is considered your last night of freedom. It's the night spent with your best guy friends or all your girls where you just want to let loose and celebrate for the big day. Your party can consist of anything because it's just a party. You can create whatever theme or go anywhere you want. The more typical way of celebrating it is either going to the strip club, hiring a stripper, going to a bar and get wasted, pretty much anything that has to do with stripping, alcohol, money, and your friends.
           The Bachelor Party
        It's usually a must for a guy to have a bachelor party because it will be the last night to be single even though he is technically engaged, but let's not focus on the status here, lol, but some people might look at this as a way to test if the girl has trust in her man when he is out with his friends. Women always tend to fear the worst when a guy is with his boys. With a bachelor party it is expected to have strippers so she can't help, but to think that are going to be a few "favors" involved. Another expectation is alcohol. When you put women and alcohol together that is a party within itself! All that's left is some music and well, you know what happens next. Sometimes the guy's friends might influence a situation to go down, but remember it is his party so either way he is going to do what he wants and whatever happens at the party is his responsibility unless one of his boys paid for something there. Even if his party is at a strip club, his fiance is just sitting in her room paranoid that he ran off with some stripper just because he gave her a couple of singles. If the guy is a good guy, his fiance should know that the strippers are a fantasy and the party is not just for him, but for his boys, too.
The Bachelorette Party
       Now with women it's pretty much the same thing. Some women might call a bachelorette party a girls night out. Sometimes the girl herself might set it up, but her girls always have other plans for her. It's funny how often times the bride would say, "I don't want any strippers at my party, I don't want to see his shlong in my face!" but her girls hire a stripper anyway and then it ends up being their party. She might look at her girlfriends and be like "really" at first, but of course she can't resist want she relaxes. Once the alcohol settles in, it is definitely showtime. There is a lot of lifting, grinding, singles stuffed in g-strings, tongue flicking, I'm sure y'all get the idea. Not to often do you really hear the groom complain or get worried, not saying that they don't, but it has a lot to do with expectations.
      Like I said, a bachelor/bachelorette party is exactly that, a party. You set it up the way to want to. The two fiances have every right to see strippers because that is usually how it set up. If you can't trust the person at their party then you two shouldn't be getting married in the first place. As long as everyone is being safe and not get too carried away with the strippers, it's important to have fun.

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