Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Taking A Break In A Relationship

Sometimes you get to that point into your relationship where you feel the amount of space you want is limited.
          Most couples get to that point where they want to take a break when things are getting a little shaky with each other. You could be fighting all the time or you nip-pick and bicker and then you get bitter. In order to not get too much resentment you decide to take a break. Some people would suggest just breaking up because sometimes a break up is a blessing in disguise but what if you want to make it work? If you are going to take a break from each other what are the rules? Well of course that depends on the couple. Some people feel they need a break because it will help them have a clear mind set on where the relationship is going.
          During the break, it's a crucial time because that's when you re-evaluate the whole relationship. If you are arguing all the time and nip-picking then it is time to take some time apart. Sometimes you have to miss each other in order to make the relationship strong because it also spices up the intimacy as well. Your communication has to be diverse ans sharp to limit the arguments. They say absence make the heart grow fonder, but just how far? On average a break shouldn't be no more than two weeks. If you go past that, then just break up completely. Hopefully you two will get over each other.
         The part that really is skeptical on a break is whether or not it is ok the see and sleep with other people. Some might say it's still cheating because they haven't really broken up they just too some apart from each other. This is a time to get your mind right to see if you can spend alone time with yourself and with others but the problem is temptation is such a killer. Others don't see anything wrong with sleeping with other people because they feel like eventually they are going to break up or they are just trying to get it out of their system before making anything official with their partner.
         One thing that is important to remember is that you have to maintain what you were attracted to the person in the first place to keep it spicy. There will be times where you will get bored with each other but be each other's inspiration. If you are around each other a lot, yeah you will know each other more, but you might clash at the same time. Give each other that space that you need to make it exciting when you guys reconnect. Be safe and be upfront with your rules.

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