Monday, June 24, 2013

You Like Them Too?

What do you do when you find out that you and your best friend or even a few of your friends like the same person?

         It's very awkward when all of y'all like the same people because you can't help how you feel so therefore do you continue to like them or do you back off? It can depends on certain situations sometimes and it is also the matter of knowing the type of friends you have. Your friend and your crush probably met before and your friend grew attraction for that person and you just so happen to meet later and did the same thing or your crush could be crushing on your friend and now you have a crush on them! Now it's almost like it's decision time.

        When you are dealing with a situation where you and your friend like the same person it's very tricky. It's even more tricky when it's a group of you liking the same person. You don't know what to do. Even though you can't help how you feel, it's also wrong to disrespect your friendship just one person. Some people are just very aggressive and would just rather confess their desire for that person whether their friends like it or not. Other people would prefer to back off and let that one person decide if they even like any of them or want any of them. It seems like it would be best to back off if your crush and your friend knew each other before you.

        Liking the same person becomes a problem when you or your friend fight over the same person just because both of you like them. This usually always happens especially when someone gets emotionally attached so of course there is going to be some issues. No one should really risk their friendship over one person but some people don't care. Sometimes your feelings get so heightened that you fear your friend will give more of an impression to that one person you guys are crushing than you do. Or if you bring the person up in conversation you might get into a heated argument because both of you either want to be the one for them or you just want to get all of the attention.

          Just remember that one person shouldn't jeopardize a friendship especially if you have been friends for a long time or longer than you have known the person you are chasing after. Sometimes that one person you are chasing after just likes the attention of being chase and just keeps you guys interested in them. Sometimes they are not always going to like any of you and it is up to them to make a choice or to see if they like one of you. If they don't just leave it alone but don't fight each other over that one person. The probably just weren't meant to be.

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