Friday, June 28, 2013

Top 5 Complaints About Taking Selfies

If you have social networking you probably have a lot of pictures on there that are mostly of you which people call selfies.

         Taking selfies have been the one thing that either boost a person's self esteem or enhances a person's social networking page. Selfies are also used so that people's friends can find them on different sites especially if it's used as their profile picture. Some people say that girls take more selfies than guys but there is really no number on who takes more. With technology heightened, selfies have been so popularized, even on iphones it allows your camera phone to switch itself so you can take a self portrait. It's a very unique feature, but with that comes the haters than complain about selfies. The list below are the top 5 complaints that people have about taking pictures of yourself. Some of which you might think can be considered a stereotype.


Person Is Conceited

        Some people feel that a person that has a lot of selfies are too full of themselves and are narcissistic. They might say stuff like, "Why they got so many pictures of themselves?" In reality the person could just be really confident about themselves or just bored. It might seem crazy that people have excessive amount of pictures of just them on their pages but it's their pages so if they want to make it nice by putting up so many pictures of themselves, they are going to do just that because people are still going to comment.


Facial Expressions Are Awkward

       Of course I'm talking about the duck faces, the model poses, and the expresses that says, "I'm too cool to not take this pic!" I hear the most complaints about the duck faces that girls do. You know you feeling yourself when the lips come out! Duck faces are no different than guys who take shirtless pics with shades. Yes, most women find in nice, but others find it like he's doing the most. Some people find that just making facial expressions in general in your selfies are just silly. There really shouldn't be a problem with it. If they are feeling good about themselves and want to take a picture of it, why not.


Explicit Selfies

       Sometimes people want to leave an impression with their selfies, but it can go too far. Sexting became a viral thing years ago especially amongst teens. Since then nude pics have been getting out of control. Nothing seems to be private anymore so when people take nude pics they might think they are sending it to their significant other, but it's really sent out to everyone in the world. For most women, they don't really like explicit photos from guys. It's ok that they are shirtless, but once she sees something below the belt that is revealing, it can be a turn off. For most guys seeing a revealing picture is a turn on. Remember if you take an explicit pic just be aware of the consequences.


Poses Are Silly

        Another complaint I hear about are the poses especially from guys. Yeah, they like the booty out but most of the time, the way the girl is positioning herself looks weird or that she is doing too much. Either the person is arching their back too much or they crop their butt onto something to make it bigger or she is bent over like she is posing for a music video. Sometimes it's funny to just be playful with your selfies and doing silly poses in one way to have fun. Sometimes when guys pose, they make sure it's swagged out and cool. It's sexy to some girls, to others it can look silly to them.


Taking Some Selfies In The Bathroom

          I always hear people talk about selfie bathroom pics. People be saying "Why does everyone always go into the bathroom take a picture!" Even though it's not such a big deal, some people are still sick of it. At least taking it in the bathroom is a little convenient since the mirror is right there and that's where you usually fix yourself when you are beautifying yourself. Now, if your bathroom has unsanitary things going on in the background (I don't need to explain any specifics here) then that's when I can understand people complaining. Other than that, if people want to take bathroom pics, I guess as long as it looks good!

Taking selfies can be fun and entertaining. There are always going to be haters talking about how they are annoyed with selfies. Do what you want and be comfortable doing it. Capture your moments safely, lol!

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  1. Self confidence about self worth. Otherwise ugly and fat people wouldnt take a selfies. Perception about oneself. Its good when your mediocre looking but bad if your obviously goodlooking?? Now peopke who say that start hating - thats insecurity. Go agead take a selfie.