Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Miguel Crash Update

Is there a change of heart within the forgiveness of Miguel's freak accident?
      Last month during the Billboard Awards, R&B singer, Miguel, had an accident where he jumped across the stage and landed on a fan. During an interview backstage that next day the fan, Khyati, still "adorned" the singer. Reports are now saying that Miguel might have a lawsuit against him for that crash. This is a strange situation because the fan clearly forgave him, but now there is consequences for what he did even though this was a month ago.
      According to TMZ, Khyati suffered brain damage from the incident which means that she is able to sue once she recovers. Her doctor reported to saying that she suffered some neurological symptoms that resulted from the head injury. Last week, TMZ spoke with Khyati's lawyer about the lawsuit against Miguel for her injuries. The whole thing came about when she was rushed to the hospital after doing the interview with Miguel being that the injury didn't settle in until after the show.
       Obviously Miguel didn't mean any harm so it's pretty said that he can potentially get sued. The fan says that she is still a fan so why is there so much precaution with the incident. It wasn't like Miguel intentionally was going to hurt her, but luckily the girl is ok, but there is still question whether or not any actions will be taken with their accident.

Should Miguel get sued even though it was an accident?

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