Monday, June 10, 2013

Kanye's New Music

Everybody knows that Kanye is known for expressing himself on stage as well as in his music, but could his next album be a no-show?

           Last night Kanye west performed at the Governor's Ball where he explained that he was not going to release an album. Instead he is just going to be promoting tracks because his thing his, "I just want to make music." Usually when he performs he either as to stop the music to talk to the fans or add another song that has been hitting the airwaves, but this time he told his fans that he don't care about the radio airwaves or the publicity, it's all about his words.

           Even though Kanye might rant or have a temper, I give him credit for saying how he feels especially when it's happening at that moment. He doesn't care about the tabloids, maganizes, papparazzis, or even blogs like this one (lol) talking about him. He's all about his music and his grind. He even said that he's not worried about selling millions of records because the music itself is more important than selling and making money off of it. When you have an artist this honest, you don't what to expect and you can't help but to give him his props.

Happy Belated Birthday Kanye and good luck with the new tracks.

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